How To Use

Plugin is pretty simple in usege.

So to add image with labels to product just go to product editor. Below you will find “Edit Labels” modal window.


Here you can see next options:


Here you can find shortcode to put image with labels in any place of your site. Or php call of image if you want to use it in source files etc.


Here you can set how to add image to product description. You can add image manualy with shortcodes from 1. or put it above or below content.


Here you can select image you want to use in description.  It use default WordPress media uploader.


So to add image just select image you want to use from option 3. WARNING! All existed labels will be lost after you will select new image. After this you can click on any image place to add label. You can yse drag and drop to move label over image.

After adding you can click on lable to customize it.


So here you see next options

1. Preview – here you can see label in action. It will help you to pick colors etc.

2. Unactive color – This color will be user for non active label

3. Hover color – this color will be used when user hover label

4. Background Color – on hover this color of background will be used

5. Show Popup Action – You can pick on what action popover will be shown – options hover and click.

6. Select List – type of icon to use in label

7. Label Content – you can put any content to use inside popover. You can use plain text, html code, embed codes like for Youtube etc.

8. Close, Save Changes, Delete button – Buttons to close settings popup, save settings of label and delete label.


Ok so after adding labels and selecting where to show image with label – just save post and thats all. You will see result on frontend.

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